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Yamato Hotsuin

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Yamato Hotsuin Empty Yamato Hotsuin

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:58 am

Yamato Hotsuin AsakuraYohfull863317

Name: Yamato Hotsuin
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Clan: -
Rank: Genin
KKG: -
Element: Wind
Bio: A surivor of the mysterious Demon Night incident, he was rescued by one of Konoha ninja and later was raised by the said person. He don't remember his past or even his name, it was said that it was caused by the trauma left by the terrible incident.

Yamato Hotsuin was the name given to him by the ninja that saved him. While under the care of his savior, he was taught a lot of thing including ninjutsu. He was born with great chakra and he can control it with little effort. It doesn't take long for him to master ninjutsu and taijutsu but for some reason, he can't focus his mind to cast genjutsu, a terrible vision will flash in his mind each time he tries and as a result, he neglect it though he have no trouble breaking out of one.

There was many bad rumors surrounding him like he was the Demon of the Demon Night incident that massacred a village all by himself. It cause people in Konoha to look at him with fear and children are all afraid of him.

Yamato however doesn't care about that, it doesn't matter if everyone is afraid of him since he have one person who don't and will always be by his side, or so he thought.

Personality: Quite rebellious and won't obey order unless he like it. He love fighting but he won't fight with his full strength unless he feel the opponent is worthy enough. He don't want the battle to end so quickly if he goes all out. May be bipolar at certain times. Beside fighting, he love eating and can always be seen with one at all time, his favorite food is fruits and he often compare his opponent to one. He is quite tolerant most of the time but if you bad mouth his guardian then expect to beaten to pulp no matter who you are.
Goals: Surpass his master
Jutsu: List down all your characters jutsu here.

E,D,C, and etc.. are the jutsu rank.

(Genin - All E, 4 D,3 C and 2 B) (Chunnin - All E, 7 D,5 C and 4 B, 1 A) (Jounin - All E, 10 D,8 C and 6 B, 2 A, 1 S) The rest of the rank doesn't have specific amount of jutsu for them to have.

[D Rank] -Body Flicker Technique
[D Rank] -Manipulated Shuriken Technique
[D Rank] -Temporary Paralysis Technique

[C Rank] - Wind Release: Air Needles- Release sharp chakra needles from his hands.
[C Rank] - Wind Release: Air Cannon - Release a spinning giant ball of air from his mouth that cuts anything it hits, wind counterpart of Great Fireball technique.
[C Rank] - Wind Release: Air Boost: Manipulate the direction of the blowing wind to boost his speed.

[B Rank] - Wind Release: Skypiercing Blade- Gather large amount of chakra on his palm and form V shapped blade of Wind around his palm. A wild wind surround the user while the technique is active making it difficult to approuch the user. The blade can pierce through metal and the more chakra put into it, the stronger it become.

[B Rank] -Wind Release: Counter Force- The user standby considerable amount of chakra in his palms, when the user is attacked with projectiles, he can simply swing his palm to any direction he desire to blow some powerful wind into said direction, this can either send the projectiles back to the attacker or change it trajectory. This technique can also boost the user physical strength by infusing the power of the wind into their body while attacking the enemy.

Use this format
[Rank] -Name- Description

Explains it as detailed as you can.

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