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Tsurara Clan

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Tsurara Clan Empty Tsurara Clan

Post by Mystogan on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:45 am

Clan Name: Tsurara

A young clan that walks the path of the wavy waters and the sound of the wind, the Tsurara Clan is a descendant of the Yuki Clan,their history is that they are just a decent family that has grown through out the generations just like any normal family that reaches the stage of being a Clan meaning more family members.

This Clan started out as a small Family, it is later found out that some members of the Yuki Clan started mating with this normal family which results to a new age of its generation once a normal family now ascends to a Clan with the power of Ice thus forming the Clan surname, Tsurara which means Icicle abandoning the ways of the Yuki which is snow.

They believe in the philosophy of Yin and Yang as well as "Rebirth".
Their Taijutsus are based on Zodiac Animals mainly Tiger and Dragon.
The Clan has two branches, Tiger and Dragon.
Tiger Branch focuses on Tiger martial arts to make them adapt to their fighting style in Ice Release
Dragon Branch focuses on Dragon martial arts also to adapt and find their own ways of using the Ice.

Other than that, Taijutsu is a minor ability for this Clan, their main ability and specialty is Ice Release aka a Ninjutsu.

Hidden Village: Kirigakure

Special Traits:
Special Skin, they can survive the Cold weather without the need of any warmers or thick clothing.

Snow White hair, this is a genetic trait that once the Ice User matures their hair becomes "Ice" as well, it has no special abilities just a trait which is abnormal in a sense.

"Cool" chakra reserves, their chakras are very attractive to Sensors as it gives them a cool sensation, this is just a fable but this is the expression of most people having a sense of their "Coolness." But the truth is their chakra reserves are just decent amounts.

Power: Ice Release
-it is known that the Tsurara Clan uses the Ice release but the same concept goes that it needs the requirement of Wind and Water elements.

They use it more advanced by shaping it in a form of objects,animals and flowers.
How advanced? a skilled user can use it like how the Great Uchiha Sasuke manipulates Amaterasu in shapes.

Clan Signature Jutsu: Ice Release: Ice Blizzard.
C Rank.

-The user molds his or her chakra in both hands and makes a concentrated blast of blizzard this is equivalent to a Fireball Jutsu but instead it is use by the hands

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Tsurara Clan Empty Re: Tsurara Clan

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:11 pm


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