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Rules for Jutsu creation

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Rules for Jutsu creation

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:05 pm

The rules you must obey when creating a jutsu

* Do not create an overpowered jutsu! Jutsu like Tsukuyomi,Amaterasu,Susano'o,Kotoamatsukami and Izanagi and other MS techniques are all overpowered. Do not create a jutsu that can rival those technique. This should be a common sense here.

* Every technique has a weakness. Make the weakness logical. Just draining lots of chakra isn't much of a weakness. Be more creative.

* Every elemental jutsu can be counter by another elemental technique that has advantage over it

* Don't cheat the ranking, if the technique is C rank then its impossible for it to have a power to destroy a city.

* Your techniques will only be approved after it receive 3 Yes from 3 different members.

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