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Character Creating Rules

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Character Creating Rules Empty Character Creating Rules

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:20 pm

Rules you must obey when creating a character

* One thread per character

* Every OC start as Genin and their age must be below 17 years old

* NPC can start off as any rank at any age

* The RP start during Part 1 timeline so don't make your character being the descendant of Naruto or Sasuke or anyone that isn't even an adult during this time.

* If you start with a KKG then you can't have an element at the beginning. If you have let's say, Ice Release KKG, you will be able to use Ice release but not Wind and Water elements that make up the KKG.

* Ask me first before you create a Jinchuriki or a Kage, if I say yes then you can create one.

* Follow the theme, they are ninja so don't create a character that is a pirate,shinigami or even a cyborg.

* When the Mod ask you to edit your character than you must obey.

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