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Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:51 pm

Points (Pts) can be seen under your avatar.

It can be obtained by posting in the Hidden Village,Arena and Dimensional Warp.

You will gain 2 points per post and 3 points per topic.

You will also gain 5 points daily since I am kind.

The points will be use to level up your character and gain another type of points called LVL Points.

LVL Points are use to upgrade your jutsu and buy the items at the market.

Everyone start at level 1 and as Genin.

To level up you will need certain amount of points

Level 2 - 5 : 100 Pts - Meaning you will need 100 Pts to level when you are below level 5

Level 6-10 : 200 Pts - Meaning you will need 200 Pts to level up when you're between level 5 and 10

Level 11-15: 300 Pts

Level 16-20: 400 Pts

Each time you level up you will gain 100 LVL Points

You can also gain LVL Points by fighting

1 Arena Win = 20 LVL Points
1 DW Win = 10 LVL Points

1 Arena lost = 5 LVL Points

Completing a mission will give you LVL points depending on the difficulty of the mission.


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