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Weapon and Item Shop Empty Weapon and Item Shop

Post by ShadowMoon on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:14 am

Welcome to this unfabulous shop. What do you need?

Note: All of these items are permanent unless stated otherwise, means you don't have to buy another if you want to use it in battle again but you can only carry limited amount in a battle. The amount is state next to their name. If you want to carry more then you can buy it again to increase the limit. Some item is limited to one per character.


* 5x Explosive tags = 40 LVL Points
* 5x Smoke Bombs = 20 LVL Points
* 1x Chakra Blade (Customizable) = 50 LVL Points
* 1x Fuma Shurikens = 10 LVL Points
* 5x Flash Bomb = 20 LVL Points
* 1x Sword of Kusanagi = 150 LVL Points
* 2x Chakra Disruption Blades = 150 LVL Points
* Custom Weapon = 200 LVL Points


* 1x Summoning Contract ( Allow you to make contract with animal and use summoning jutsu to summon them. Limited to 1 per character) = 100 LVL Points
* 2x Ninja Info Cards (Allow your character to know about other character strength and weakness instantly. Consumable.)= 40 LVL Points
* 1x Military Rations Pill (Restore 20% of your character chakra in a battle. Limited to 1 per character) = 50 LVL Points
* 1x Curry of Life (Restorer 20% of your character HP in a battle. Limited to 1 per character) = 50 LVL Points

More will be added later so keep your eyes open on this shop!

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