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The Hidden Village

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The Hidden Village Empty The Hidden Village

Post by ShadowMoon on Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:21 pm

It seems people don't understand what the village is use for. These should straighten this out.

* The village is use to RP inside the village, you know met other character, develop a story and stuff.
* You must be in character in here and don't post random stuff like songs. I don't even know what are those for.
* You can fight in the village but you won't receive LVL point.
* You can request a mission at the Kage Office. You need a team to start a mission and I want players to interact so in a team there must at least be 2 Rplayers.
* Ninja from a Hidden Village cannot enter other Hidden Village as they please, the ninja will need a offical letter from their Kage as permit to enter other hidden village.


*Type of thread, there is two type of thread in the hidden village, Solo and Open. Solo thread is for player to create a story for their character without other player involvement while Open is a thread that other players from the same village is free to invade and RP together. When you're creating a thread in this village, state the type in the title or in the thread.
* Obviously, player isn't allowed to post in a Solo thread if they aren't the creator.

More will be added later.

If you post anything that doesn't fit in the village then I will simply delete them without prior notice.

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