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Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin

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Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin Empty Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:21 pm

The scene show the Ninja Academy located in the center of Konoha. Its already noon and many of the students already left except for few that spent their time playing around like the children that they are on the Academy ground.

Under the shade of a tree few meters from the Academy entrance, a group of children can be seen. Five of them and all of them are boys, 2 of them wears the headband of Konohagakure and have the Uchiha clan symbol behind their black clothes , their name are Uchiha Inui and Uchiha Kojiro, they are brothers from the elite ninja clan that is famous for their Sharigan. They are graduate from the Academy and are known to be quite a bully by the other students. They love to pick on the weak and doesn't feel any shame from doing it since they believe the strong should eat the weak.

The 3 young kids,Mamoru,Kouru and Nichi wree unfortunate enough to come across them while playing hide and seek. They are only 9 years old and can't possibly fight off the 2 bullies. They won't escape this without a scratch.

Kojiro, the biggest among the four walk forward and pushed Mamoro and cause him to hit the tree behind him, hurting him. The glasses he is wearing fall off while he groan in pain. "Stop it! We don't have anything on us right now. Leave us alone." Kouro yells as he rushed toward Mamoru and help him picking up his glasses.

"You coward, pick on someone your own size!" Nichi angrily shout at the bullies.

It anger the brothers and they reply to the shout by simultaneously kicks Nichi and send him crashing toward Kouro and Mamoru. The Uchiha brothers are merciless even towards kids. One would wonder what will become of such kids when they grown up.

"Shut up, weaksauce. We know you guys are from a well family. No need to hide it. All we wanted is some money since we aren't as rich as you. " Kojiro said to the three children who have yet to recover from the recent crash. The children are indeed from a well family but their parents don't like to spoil their children as such they don't give their kids anything they want on silver plate. The children are raised just like how other kids are and they have nothing to give to the bully as they don't even have income.

"That's right. Don't be so greedy and share your wealth with us!" Inui supporting his brother. He took out a kunai from the pouch on his leg and point it at the 3 children. "Or else you might end up with some ugly permanent scars on your pretty face." He threaten them.

The 3 children can't do anything, if they resist surely they will be beaten even more but if they don't then the result won't be much different. Kouro being the oldest among the three felt like it is his responsibility to protect his brothers. He stand up from the ground and have his brothers cover behind him while his arms spread open. " I won't let you hurt my brothers, you scum. We may be weak but we won't just standby and let you do whatever you please with us. If you want to get to my brothers then you have to through me first!" He yells bravely.

The Uchiha brothers look among themselves and sighed. "Fine then. We'll do just that." They said simultaneously and throw their fists toward Kouro at the same exact time. Kouro can't counter it but at least he will try to take in as many hit as he can from the bullies until they tired out and leave him and his brothers but before the fist hit him, the wind suddenly blows violently and forced the brothers to stop their attack as they can hardly balance their body due to the strong winds blow.

Kouro and his brothers cover their eyes to cover from the wind and once they opened it back, they see a young man in white, he wears a black leather pants and a white jacket with a hoodie that cover his face. However you can see his bare torso as he is not wearing a shirt underneath it. There is a strange necklace hanging around his neck.

"Nice words you spit there. Its so nice,it make me move." The young man said and turn his head toward Kouro. " Just stay there and let me take care of the trashes." It surprise Kouro, it seems the young man is an ally. He never seen that person before but he doesn't seems like a bad person unlike the 2 Uchiha in front of him.

"Take cares of the trashes? I don't supposed you meant us?" Inui asked the young man in white as he hold his Kunai tightly.

"Hmm? Isn't obvious? Do you see any other trashes around here beside you two?"

The young man words successfully provoked the Uchiha brothers whether he planned it or not.

"That's it! You're dead meat!" Inui is the first to charge, he already have a kunai in hand. He rushed toward the young man in white and thrust his Kunai toward his target's chest. However, his attack missed even though his target doesn't move an inch!

"What the?" He is dumbfounded but continue his attack, he swings his Kunai few times toward his target but each time his attack missed and just like last time, his target didn't move an inch. Inui retreat to his brother and try figure out what is going on. "What the hell is going on? How did he dodge my attack without even moving?!"

"That's because you never came close enough to land it, Inui." Kojiro answered his brother. He has been observing his brother attack and seems to have find out how it happens.

"What do you means,brother? I don't understand! Explain." Inui urged his brother.

Kojirou glances at the young man in white. " You're a wind element user. A good one while at it. When my brother charge at you, you use a powerful but gentle wind to push him to misdirect his movement without him noticing anything. Its a great trick, I give you that."

"Heh, as expected of a ninja from an elite clan. You figured it out quickly." The young man in white confirmed Kojirou deduction but he doesn't seems worried that his technique is revealed.

"You should have kept quite and stay where you belong. Now you will suffer for interrupting my business. Unfortunately for you,Your trick is useless in front of these eyes!" Kojirou said as his black eyes turn into the famed red eyes of the Uchiha clan, the Sharigan! There are 2 black tomoe in Kojirou's Sharigan.

"We'll see about that. I always wanted to fight an Uchiha. Let's see if you will live up to their name." The young man in white said while cracking his knuckles.

Inui,Kouru,Mamoru and Nichi eyes are locked at the sight of the two young men as they approaches each other.



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Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin Empty His name is Yamato Hotsuin - Part 2

Post by ShadowMoon on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:48 pm

The sound of metal clashing can be heard in the air as the two ninja, Kojirou and the young man in white swing and throw kunai toward each other. It has been few minutes since they clash and none of them have been scratched by their opponent attack.

Damn! who is this guy? Even with the Sharigan, its still hard for me to land a hit on him.
Kojirou thought as he glare at his enemy who have a sadistic smile on his barely visible face. Enough projectiles throwing, I gonna punch him on the face! He threw a kunai and charged toward his target. His Sharigan shine and allow him to predict his opponent movement, with it he can counter any attack that he can see. "Hyaah!" Kojirou throw his fist toward the face of his enemy.

However, his enemy was able to hold his arm just in time before the fist hit him though this is actually foresee by Kojirou. "I already know what you're gonna do before you do it. There's no way you're gonna win." He said while revealing his other hand which is holding a kunai, he thrust the kunai toward the chest of the young man in white.

"Is that so, then you should know that I will beat you." The young man in white said as he block Kojirou's kunai with his own and grin. However at this time, he notice that Kojirou is also grinning and that's not a good sign.

"Dream on, loser." Kojirou release the Kunai in his hand and grab the arm of his opponent, he pulled it strongly and cause the young man in white to be pulled toward him, at this moment Kojirou leaned his head backward and then smash it on the head of his opponent!

"Urgh!" grunt the young man in white as his head crash with Kojirou. The hit caused him to be knocked few feet back and fall to the ground.

The spectators was in awe at the sight. Kouro,Mamoru and Nichi were scared while Inui is excited, he can't wait to see his brother show why he is the best. Kojirou is actually quite special, he awakened his Sharigan at early age and has shown quite a talent in ninjutsu and taijutsu unlike Inui which lack many things but have proficiency with genjutsu though he still haven't awakened the Sharigan.

Kojirou doesn't stop his attack, he jumps on the young man in white and landed with his knee on the stomach of his opponent. "Grugh!" Another grunt of pain by the young man in white but this is just the beginning. Kojirou continue attacking relentlessly, he punched his opponent face repeatedly while sitting on his chest.

On the sideline

"You can do it! Don't lose to those pathetic bullies!" Korou try to cheer on the young man in white who came to help him and his brothers. Nichi and Mamoru followed their brothers and cheer on their savior. " Please, teach those bullies a lesson!" Nichi yell out.

The young man in white is still on the ground being beat repeatedly, gazing at the sky as his head knocked to the left and the right again and again by the fist. Suddenly he heard the yelling of kids and turn his eyes to the left and saw the children he is helping cheering on him. "Yare yare, I don't need your cheering. Its not like I am losing." He mutter and gather his chakra on his palm, Kojirou is about to punch him again but before he can land his fist, the young man in white thrust his palm toward Kojirou's face and the wind blast Kojirou away from him. He slam his palm on the ground, as his palm came in contact with the earth, the wind blow from under him and lift him from the ground and back to his feet

The wind was powerful by it wasn't strong enough to damage Kojirou as he managed to hold his ground. However once he raise his head and look at his opponent, he is surprised.

"You, you are that person my parents talked about...The Demon,Yamato Hotsuin!" Kojirou said suddenly as he saw the face of the young man in white after his hood is lifted when the wind blow to raise him up. It seems he know the young man in white and his name.

"Oh, you have heard of me. Well, then you must know that its not a great idea to fight me now." Yamato replied as he put his hood back on his head.

"The Demon?" Kouro and his brothers wonder what Kojirou meant, it seems they haven't heard of what Kojirou had.

"My brother won't lose. Demon is nothing compared to him!" Inui try to support his brother, he know about the rumor of the Demon, the rumor of how Yamato Hotsuin the only survivor of the Demon Night is incident is the demon himself. He was said to be the one massacring a whole village by himself. No one know whether its true or not but many people believed it and because of that they feared Yamato Hotsuin and warned their children about him.

"How interesting, a demon has appeared before me. I think I should make a name for myself, today I will be the debut of Kojirou The Demon Slayer!" Kojirou said proud, he isn't scared of the rumor and instead think of it as a challenge. He form some handseals quickly and active a jutsu "Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!"

"My brother fire jutsu! Let's see how the demon deal with that." Inui yell as he saw his brother technique.

The fireballs fly at a great speed and Yamato try to dodge it. He jumped to the left but the fireballs is controlled by the user chakra and its movement can be freely controlled by the user, the fireballs continue following their target and force him to run.

"Mudamudamuda! There's no where for you to run!" Kojirou yells and grab some shuriken from his pouchs and threw it toward Yamato who is still trying to deal with his previous attack.

Now Yamato has to deal with bunch of shuriken flying toward him from the front and fireballs coming from behind him at once!

"This is the end of me........not!" Yamato suddenly stop running and close his eyes. He focus his chakra on his palms and blue aura is visible around them. "Counter Force!" He active his jutsu and thrust his left palm toward the direction of the flying shuriken and his right palm toward the direction of the fireballs. As soon as he did that, those projectiles are suddenly pushed back by winds! But its not over yet, he swing his hands downward and simultaneously, strong winds blow from the sky and pushed the projectiles to the ground, disabling them. The shuriken crash to the ground motionless and the fireballs dispersed. Yamato have successfully dealt with two attack at the same time.

"What the hell is that technique?" Inui wondered while watching Yamato's action.

"He is strong. He will win this!" Korou become confident as he saw Yamato fighting.

"Tch, not bad. I give you that but the fact that you use wind element will be your downfall. Every ninja should know the basic knowledge about element affinity, Fire have advantage over wind, let's see how you deal with a bigger flame than those puny fireballs!" Kojirou said as he jump back few feet back and start forming handseals quickly while his red eyes sharply focus on the young man in white.

"I-it can't be. Brother, are you really gonna use that technique here?! You might burn the whole Academy down! We don't want that much of trouble because of this guy." Inui yell at his brother, knowing what his brother is willing to do defeat the young man in white. Kojirou have always been like that, when his opponent gave him challenge, he will use his strongest technique to deal with them quickly.

"Shut up, Inui. I know what I am doing. Take this Demon! Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet!" Kojirou active his strongest technique. A big flame came out of his mouth and form the shape of a three headed dragon! The dragon is really big and is 3 times bigger than the Academy building. " Turn to ashes!" As if his word is a command, the three headed flame dragon charge toward Yamato, they split into three and turn into an one headed dragon. Each of the dragon fly toward Yamato from different direction, his front,left side and right side! It is almost inescapable. This is not a technique a genin will be able to use easily but Kojirou prove that he is indeed special.

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Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin Empty Re: Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin

Post by ShadowMoon on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:53 pm

The heat from the flame dragons can be feel by everyone near the academy, the three brothers are terrified by the dragon and Inui has already start running to save himself from harm. However Yamato, he is looking at the dragons calmly as if it is not of his concern.

"Its true, fire have advantage over wind but you know, a great ninja know how to overcome his weakness. I shall show you, how a great ninja deal with this kind of a situation." Yamato said and close his eyes, the flame dragons are closing in but he doesn't seems worry at all. The sweats coming from his body is without a doubt because of the heat and not because of fear.

Meanwhile Kojirou is laughing as he watch his flame dragons charge in and about to make contact with Yamato. "Hahahahaha! Once I defeated the Demon, my name will surely be famous around the village! You shouldn't have get in my way, Yamato Hotsuin. Now you will regret it forever! Burn burn burn!!!!!" he yelled like a maniac.

However his laughter is stopped as he hear a strange buzzing noise, with the strange sound the wind blow stronger and stronger. "Wind again? Is this his doing? What a fool! He will only make the flame dragons stronger with this." He mutter and glance at his opponent that he expect to engulfed in flame already but to his surprise, Yamato is unharmed even though the flame dragons have him surrounded. "What is that?" Kojirou notice there is something strange around Yamato and use his Sharigan to inspect it, he saw a great amount of chakra coming out of Yamato's body, the chakra is creating a wild wind around him that prevent anything from closing in even flame! The Flame Dragons grow bigger as they feed on the wind but they can't touch Yamato at all as they keep getting push back by the strong wind! "This is impossible! The Flame Dragon should have been able to consumed him along with the wind! What is happening?!" Kojirou started to panic.

Yamato, surrounded by flame and wild wind stand tall. He raise his hand to the sky and says " Cleave through the sky, Skypiercing Blade!" A V shaped blade formed around his raised hand, a blade made of the wind!

"How ridiculous, to focus and control such a massive concentrated chakra on his palm...that's something only a Jounin or a Kage capable of doing, What is he?!" Kojirou is shocked by what he see with the Sharigan that reveal everything.

"Your flame is a mere spark against this hurricane. Disappear!" Yamato yelled as he swing the wind blade horizontally, a very clean and powerful cut, the dragons bodies were divided into 2 by the attack! It cause the dragons to explode like its planned to do.

"Hahaha! Idiot! In the end, he cause his own defeat. He would have been fine if he didn't attack the dragons." Kojirou laughed at his opponent mistake or so he thought it was.

From the fiery explosion, Yamato with his wind blade still active, came out of the explosion like a bullet and straight head toward Kojirou. It seems the wild wind that surround Yamato is strong enough to protect him from the explosion! A strong wind is capable of putting of a flame but Yamato's wind is different, it is powerful and move twistedly in all directions, rather than putting off a flame, it can rip it apart!

"This demon is coming to eat your soul." Yamato said and smile diabolically as he charge toward Kojirou who is terrified but still want to continue fighting.

Kojirou quickly formed handseals and active a jutsu "Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!""Fireballs flew out of his mouth toward Yamato however it is futile as the Demon cut the fireballs into pieces with his wind blade effortlessly. Kojirou panic, his strongest technique was brush off like nothing by the Demon and now he is about to hit by the blade that cut through his attack like butter. "No,No,No! This can't be happening!" He took out a kunai from his pouch and charge toward Yamato, he don't want to give up, he swing his Kunai toward Yamato and this time his Kunai is cut into two by the wind blade! Not even a metal can block it.

"Ready to meet your maker?!" Yamato finally in range, he can deliver a fatal strike at this position if he wishes to! A blade that can cut through metal won't have any trouble piercing a skull. "Hyaah!" He thrust the blade of wind toward Kojirou's body and Kojirou has no means to counter it.

As if the time slows down, Kojirou sees the blade coming slowly toward his chest. He sees death knocking at his door. How did it come to this? He is just trying to rob some kids but how come he is in life or death situation all of the sudden? Is this worth it? Risking his life for such menial thing. He realized what he must do and said " I give up! I give up!! You win!" The words he wishes he will never said in his life has just be spoken. He never lost a battle before and he won't hesitate to use dirty trick to win but this time he realized, he just cannot beat the Demon called Yamato Hotsuin.

The blade of Wind stop few inches before piercing Kojirou's body, only managed to cut his clothes. Yamato withdraw his hand and sighed. "Giving up? Such a let down. I thought you will be willing to risk your life in this battle." he said casually.

"Its not worth it at all! Dying against you because of such reason. I don't want to die like that. I am an elite ninja as such I deserve a more honorable death." Kojirou speak his mind.

"Brother!" Inui came running toward his brother after he realized the battle is over.

"He really did it, he won!" Nichi said happily.
"He is stronger than I thought. I gonna train hard to be like him." Mamoru mutter and glance at Yamato.
"He really intent to kill...didn't he?" Korou however isn't as happy as his brothers. He is scared of the young man in white. He noticed Yamato bloodlust and know that he is a very dangerous person. Even though he came to their aid, he can't help but think of Yamato as a monster.

"More honorable death eh? Well, if you want such death then quit doing such petty thing. Bullying kids younger than you isn't what a ninja do. I don't really care what you do actually, I just want to fight." Yamato said while scratching his head. Its true, Yamato isn't a hero, he actually came to the 3 children aid based on a whim. He have seen many bullies bullying other kids but he never takes action except this time. He glance at Inui. "You are an Uchiha too, let's spar." He challenge Kojirou's brother suddenly.

"N-No way! You beat my brother. There's no way I can defeat someone who is stronger than my brother." Inui deny the challenge, he is very scared of Yamato and don't think he can even last a second against the Demon.

"We are done. We'll leave those kids. But I will remember this and you will pay for this!" Kojirou said and he leave the area with his brother.

The children who were saved by Yamato walked toward him. "Thank you for saving us." Nichi thanked their savior while bowing and his brothers do the same.

"It was nothing and its not like I did it for you or anything." Yamato turn his back toward the children but before he leave he glance at Korou.

"What is it?" Korou asked as he noticed Yamato looking at him.

"Nothing, take care of your brother. If you want to protect them then you know what you must do. Don't be a punching bag that take hits for your brother from bullies, be a tank that take hits while smashing the bullies! That's not actually an advice but whatever. See ya." Yamato waved the brothers goodbye and disappeared from the kids eyes like a flash.

"A tank huh? I guess that's not a bad idea." Korou mutter as he recall Yamato's words and leave with his brothers.

The next day, Kojirou and Inui were discovered to be the one responsible for the damage around the Academy by the Academy Teachers. The flame damaged the outside of the Academy building but the interior is undamaged. The Academy Teachers also received report that the brothers have been bullying many students at the Academy. The brothers as punishment has to repair the damaged they cause and their Genin rank has been withdraw for their act that is unfitting for a ninja. They have to return to the Academy as students if they want their headband back. Korou,Nichi and Mamoru was inspired by Yamato, they train even harder everyday so that they can become closer to what he is. Though Korou still wonder if its alright for his brothers to think of that young man as hero when he felt of him as a Demon with that bloodlust overflowing from him. However he kept that himself and wishes that he is wrong.


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Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin Empty Re: Solo - His name is Yamato Hotsuin

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