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Uchiha Shana, the female sharingan user.

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Uchiha Shana, the female sharingan user. Empty Uchiha Shana, the female sharingan user.

Post by Mystogan on Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:40 am

The scene shows the Ninja Academy where Genins take their path to the next level, Iruka was amazed on Shana's usage of Kenjutsu in such a young age not only that she's able to use Sharingan at a fine age which is 13 years old even the other Uchiha Clan members from the Academy haven't seen anything like it, all were astounded to see Shana be the first female Uchiha to use the sharingan.

"Wow, its amazing to think a female Uchiha can use the sharingan! even in the history records there was no known sharingan user but this girl Shana impressed us and a Genin like that wouldn't know how to use a sword but that's Shana for you!." Some academy students were watching Shana do the Uchiha way of training, they watch her spar with a Senju-Genin and everyone was thrilled.
"Look at that two of the founding father clans are battling this will be interesting."

Iruka announced, "Alright! show me what you two got, a ninja must know how to fight, don't disappoint me Tanaka and Shana your Clans hold a very high reputation in the village so give all you got."
The sparring begins as Shana begin the first move of Taijutsu with Tanaka, "Heh! not bad Uchiha-girl, you got some nice moves right there even your butt is sexy when moving along." Tanaka taunts Shana.
"SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!" she yells so loud and land a hit on Tanaka's face but it was a Clone.
"We got lots of people watching Shana, aren't you supposed to be the----" Shana throws Kunai and shuriken to him. "Just as expected from an Uchiha using speedy weapon attacks right away well I guess its my turn. "Katon! Goukakyuu no jutsu!" Tanaka spits out fireball from his mouth everyone noticed it was an Uchiha signature it made Shana feel ashemed.

She glared with her Sharingan on this time revealing 2 commas by best the crowds started to get hype, "WOW!!! a female Uchiha with Sharingan!! WOOOOOWWW!!!!" the crowd got even wilder.
Shana stands her ground taking out her sword and strikes a pose.
"Hiken! Tsubame-Gaeshi!" she fuses a sharp shaped chakra on her sword and cuts the fireball in half.
"NO WAY!!!!!! WOAAHHH!!!!!" the crowd was screaming.
"Are all Senjus talk? Tanaka? well I guess you'll get a taste of me, Idiot." Shana makes 2 clone jutsus of herself and the two clones were just cornering Tanaka, "Don't underestimate me, just because you are called the first female sharingan user, Fire Style! Feather Blaze!" a feather flame attack makes the clones poof. "Huh where she go?" Tanaka lost track of Shana.

"Right here!!" she appears below him about to do Lion Combo bur Tanaka knew it was something like Hidden Lotus but for Shana she got cautious, she activated her sharingan once more and just moved quickly kicking Tanaka at his hips, "AHHHH!!" he screamed as Shana's kick was filled with chakra.

"Hmm boys are really just a talk." Tanaka was in pain due to that chakra enhanced kick he gets back up and prepares his fireball attack, Shana got her attention attracted.
"Fire Style! Fire----- what?" By a surprise, Shana used her sharingan to anticipate Tanaka's handseals and she advanced to it. "Fireball!" Shana breathes out fireball and it was about to hit Tanaka and he was panicking "NOO!!!!" but Shana saved him by cutting the flames in half again by Tsubame Gaeshi, "You saved me why?" He was pissing his pants.
"I value life so there's no reason for me to give my full power besides its just sparring I rather be off playing my stringed guitar and you got yourself a good style of fighting however a Senju using fire against an Uchiha is ironic isn't it? don't forget I have the sharingan and I can copy jutsus but well its not my style I'm not into ninjutsu, Kenjutsu that is, see ya." Shana walked away leaving the boy speechless.

The crowd was amazed, "So that's how strong is this female sharingan user that Senju kid is good too but compare to her, he looked like a third rate ninja."
Iruka talked to the students, "Children! listen not only a ninja fights by strength but tactics is a factor here and yes its clearly Shana's win also I'm thankful to have outstanding Genins like Senju and Uchiha, to think they can already use Ninjutsus in such a young age" Iruka said.

Shana at home
Shana went back to her home which is the Uchiha Clan Shrine, "Dad I did well today can I go out of the village? I wanna visit my friend Reo." Shana asked.
"I expect nothing more from my daughter but its dangerous outside and the Tsurara Clan are not in good terms with us this much are you sure you wanna go out? you have to get permission from Lord Fugaku and Lord Hokage the 4th, you can't just sneak out of the village like you always do, I can't cover you up every time, Lord Hokage and Lord Fugaku can't tolerate you doing this always you know." Whatever effort Shana does, she can't go out of the village and she is forced to obey the rules of the Clan and the Village.
Shana goes to the Hot spring part of the Uchiha Clan and takes a shower there, "Hmm! if I can only go to Kirigakure........" She complains and monologues to herself.

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