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SOLO - Desert Wind

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SOLO - Desert Wind Empty SOLO - Desert Wind

Post by Zulkuss on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:30 pm

The scene shows roof Kazekage's Office, during night. The full moon shines bright. Near the edge of the roof sits a boy with auburn hair and a gourd strapped to his back. Soon, a young man enters the roof and approached the boy, which said: "You shouldn't sneak to me in this night."
"Why?" Asked older one. "Because of 'The Other Guy'? You know well, that I'm not afraid of him, even when full moon shines and he is supposedly more bloodthirsty. Just like I managed to convince people about that, I know that you are more than just the beast within you."
"I remember and I will never forget that. Just like I will never know how to repay you for that, Takeshi."
"Become Kazekage, make me your enforcer and we can call it even" he replied with a grin. Both of them chuckled. He suddenly became serious. "Anyway, this is not why I came here, Gaara. I wanted to say goodbyes before I will went for my mission, it may took some time."
Gaara looked at him interested: "A mission you say? You know who will go with you? Pakura and Maki? Maybe one of my siblings?"
"As far as I know, none of them. It's rather a reckon mission. Another genin have disappeared. It seems that one of the Great Countries are on the move and are striking us where we are the weakest - inexperienced shinobi. It's almost like during Warring Clans Period..."
"Didn't one of your team mates disappeared last year? This is why you want to join?"
"That and maybe I will find some information on what happened to Sandaime." Said Takeshi seriously.
"You're still on that?" Gaara asked with amusement. Right after that he became serious again and added: "Whoever managed to kill your great uncle and is still alive and active, he must be way over your league. I doubt that even my father would manage to defeat that person." He stopped, as he know that his friend don't like to be reminded about that and changed the subject: "Anyway, if you wanted to just say goodbyes, why not in the morning? Can't you sleep?"
"Like you're the one to say that" Takeshi replied with amusement "You're my best friend, so I decided to talk to you first."
"And now what? Some sparring?" Asked him Gaara, as his friend was starting to make a distance.
Takeshi stopped and turned around. "Sparring on the roof of your father's office? You think that I'm more crazy than I already am? No, thanks. Besides, I need some sleep. You look like someone that could use some sleep as well, you know. Hey don't give me that glare!" He said while raising his hands, palms turned towards Gaara.

Suddenly, an Iron Wall have appeared before him, right before a large amount of Sand reached him. Instead, the sand was stopped by the iron, which Takeshi started to shape into a dome, that have covered the sand send by Gaara.

"You have used all of your sand! You really wanted to kill me right now? Or maybe... You knew that I have hidden this container here, am I right?"
"Barely, you hid it well. " replied Gaara with a smile. "Though you should have seen that look on your face. It was priceless. Though I would be obliged if you would allow me to take my personal sand back. It can't move through your iron and I really don't want to make a hole in the roof." Both of them laughed at the idea.
"OK, here you go. I need to take the container anyway" said Takeshi as he have moved the iron sand back to the large wooden box that he have put on his sealing scroll. Gaara took his sand back to the gourd as well. "I hope that you won't let yourself be defeated by anyone while I'll be away, kiddo" he said with a smile.
"You can bet on that. Don't get yourself killed, Takeshi. And try to capture someone alive. Informations may be useful."
"If they will be too weak to survive, than it will not be my fault" he shrugged, "everyone must die one day, Gaara."
"Just not today. Or any time soon. I don't want to know what Maki and Pakura would do with you would you let yourself be killed. Till the next time, friend."
"Damn, you're right. They could even bring me back to life only to scorch me alive and change into mummy if I would try that. Till the next time."

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SOLO - Desert Wind Empty Desert Sun and Desert Rose

Post by Zulkuss on Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:10 am

Next day, Sunagakure's shinobi training grounds.
The scene shows two females sparring in hand to hand combat. The taller have green hair tied in a bun on top of her head with a hair needle in it and two orange tips on both sides of her face and pupiless brown eyes. Shorter have shoulder length dark hair, blue eyes and red markings on her face. Suddenly, the older one made a signal and the fight was stopped. She looked around and said in no particular direction: "Get out Takeshi, I know you are here."
"And so much for my fun..." He though to himself "My dear ladies, there is no reason to stop your training only because I am looking, you were doing so good" he said in defensive way, but with a wide smile while approaching them.
"Except that it may spoil you fun, Takeshi? I don't think we need any other reason" replied younger female with a smile.
"Maki, my dear Desert Rose, you look as pretty as always. It's a pleasure to see you as well, Pakura, my dear Desert Sun" young man greeted two females: one older and one younger than him, both smiling after his words.
"It's good to see you as well. It's unusual for you to come here this early. Something happened?" Pakura asked with slight concern.
"Nothing big, my lady. I just wanted to see you before I will went for my mission."
"It's about missing genins, am I right?" Maki asked.
"Most likely. I promise that I will return to you in one piece, my Desert Rose. And speaking about desert roses, there is my parting gift, so you could remember about me. Each flower in personal favourite colour of each of you" said Takeshi while using iron sand to lift two flowers from the place where he was sitting not long ago. "The red one for Maki and violet one for Pakura. I hope that you will not forget me while I'm be away" he said while making a deep bow.
"We won't, Takeshi" Pakura promised with a smile "But don't you dare to die, or you know what will happen" she warned him with wicked grin.
"Of course that I know" he laughed "And this is the main reason why I want to return alive. That and the smiles you always have for me, my dear ladies."
"OK, stop being so nice and go already. Temari and Kankuro should be at Kankuro's workshop" Maki informed him.
"How do you know that they are the only ones I haven't seen yet?" Takeshi asked with a surprise.
"Last night we had full moon and you rarely miss occasion to tease Gaara in such situation." Maki said.
"And you always come to greet us first." Pakura added.
"You figured me out, damn it." Takeshi laughed in response.
"We did and this is for luck." The girls said at the same time and kissed him in cheeks. After that Takeshi have left with a wide smile on his face to met Gaara's siblings.

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