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Solo - The Ghostly Hisana

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Solo - The Ghostly Hisana Empty Solo - The Ghostly Hisana

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:17 pm

The scene shows the Kirigakure training ground, although its called training ground, it is a place covered in water. The water isn't very clear and it is quite deep, those who incautiously dive in it will surely suffer, mostly from the dangerous animals inhibiting the water. The water connected to the river surrounding the village and it act like a wall that prevent outsider from entering. Inside the training field only boulders and a bridge connecting to the village can be use as foothold.

At this very ground, a girl can be seen training her projectiles throwing skills. Its none other than Yurei Hisana. Not many people visit this training ground due to its dangerous surrounding, most young ninja prefer to use the new training ground located at the west of the village, the new training ground is safer and isn't flooded with water like the old one. But the young girl prefer this one since it is less crowded and more challenging.

Hisana stood firmly on a giant boulder at the center of the training ground. Using knives made out of her chakra, she throw them at the target marks placed on the top of boulders around the training ground. The boulders position is irregular and hitting the target marks can be quite a challenge. She threw five knives but only 3 hit the red spot in the center of the target marks. Not her first failure to hit all the targets.

"Tch! Again!" Yurei Hisana wasn't satisfied with her result and wish to try again as she produce more chakra knives and jump high in the air while throwing the knives toward the target marks again. Her face shows anger as she failed yet again, this time only 2 of knives actually hit the target. "Dammit! Focus Hisana! You need to better than this." Her eyes show a firm resolve. The eyes that said I won't stop training until I hit all those targets.

Once again she jump and throw her newly produced chakra knives. However before any of the knives can even came in contact with the target, they were all deflected by kunai and shuriken thrown by someone.

"Muda da, there's no point training your skill, Hisana. You know better than anyone else that people from your clan isn't fitting to be a ninja." said a girl who seemly teleported near Hisana though its actually just a fast movement technique. Hisana doesn't need to look at the girl to recognize her as the ninja who many regard as the prodigy of the village, the Angel of Rain, Ren Dokurou. Long White hair,skyblue eyes and fabulous black uniform with white rose symbol at the back, the traditional clothes of the Ren family. Some people called her angel for beautiful and innocent appearance but Hisana know that it is all just an illusion. Dokorou is no angel in her eyes, just a monster masked with the face of a young girl.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Angry that I, once again shows you your place? Which is beneath me, just like everyone else." Dokurou continue her ear burning speech. Hisana is used to her hearing it and just turn away from the girl. She looks at the projectiles thrown by Dokurou, they have all hit the Hisana's target. Dokurou not only deflected Hisana's knives but she also did what Hisana couldn't in the process. She may be earful but Dokorou is very talented nonetheless thought that doesn't make her spiteful speech anymore tolerable.

"If you are here to bug me then leave, this is not place for someone as talented as you. A prodigy like you don't need to work to gain success unlike me." Hisana said to Dokorou as she try to hit her target with chakra knives again, only 3 knives hits the marks this time.

"Pathetic. You're right, I don't belong here but I have something that I need to tell and warned you about." Dokorou said and suddenly her tone change into a serious one." Stay the hell away from Munakata or you will regret it for life." A stern warning, Munakata is one of the most popular boy in the village. He is very good looking,friendly and also a great ninja. Its no surprise that he is popular with the ladies and it seems the Angel of Rain has set her eyes on him.

"Munakata who?" Hisana asked with a face that said she have no idea what Dokorou is talking about.

"Don't play dumb. He is the most popular guy in this village! Tall long haired blonde with a smile that can melt the iceberg. I seen you talk to him once so don't even try to act like you don't know him." Dokorou clearly isn't pleased by Hisana words.

Hisana pause his training and try to recall ever meeting such person and she did. "Oh, that creep. You have no need to worry. He is no friend of mine.My parents and his parents were close and he sometime do some errands for them and its inevitable that we met a couple of time." Hisana explains but from the grumpy look of Dokorou's face you can tell that she isn't satisfied by what Hisana said.

"Is that so but nevertheless, I don't want you to ever met him again. He's mine and I won't let someone like you beat me in getting his heart. Anyone who tries to steal him from me will pay dearly. Understand?" Dokorou seems to have completed her objective for coming to training ground and quickly leave the area like a flash.

"*sigh* What a waste of talents. Why is someone like that a prodigy while I...Tch! I am not gonna lose to her. Seems like she is afraid of losing her crush, otherwise there is no reason for her to warn me.." Hisana mutter while looking at the boring texture of the boulder she is standing on. She turns her eyes back to her target marks and forms more chakra knives. "Heh, Maybe I should use this to show her some despair!" She lunge and throw her knives. Whether its luck or her skills has finally be sharpen, all fives knives hits the target marks right in the red center! "Hah, Its about time I show her, her place." Hisana grins, her face shows some excitement, she is planning something and it is something that won't leave everyone unharmed.

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