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Rules - Must Read

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Rules - Must Read Empty Rules - Must Read

Post by ShadowMoon on Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:33 am

Alright, everything need rules to avoid chaos so here are the rules for this forum and roleplay.

1. Don't curse or swear at other user, madafacka!
2. Your sig can be bigger than 600x200 but don't make it so big than it look like a wallpaper.
3. You can have multiple characters per account and you share the points for those characters
4. Don't post one liner
5. Obviously, don't God modding and control other player character without their permission. LVL Point will be deducted if you are discovered to be doing such thing.
6. Don't cheat or asspulling in a battle.
7. Only 2 battle threads per day. You can create more on the next day.

*subject to change

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